Event Delivery Plan

An event delivery plan outlines what you want your Community Games to look like and how you will achieve it. You may find it useful to base this around the headings and contents of this toolkit. The purpose of writing this plan is so that:

  • Your organising team is able to agree on the format and structure of your Community Games
  • It informs your organising team, any funders/sponsors and volunteers how your Community Games will be managed


Write an overview of what the event is. What activities and sports will form part of the Community Games and how this reflects the community in which it is taking place.


You can include your reasons for putting on your Community Games in this section and what you hope to achieve.


This should detail the venue, venue contacts and other related information. It would also be helpful to include some maps detailing where particular activities will take place.


Detail exactly when your Community Games is happening and what the key timelines are.


This section should detail all of the processes you will adopt to stage your Community Games. Detail such as where any funds (if required) are coming from, who your suppliers are, and a schedule of the day should be included. Also, details about how you will attract participants and recruit volunteers should be included.


Who is your Community Games aimed at? This should also outline who is responsible for what, and detail who has a specific interest in the event.